Seeing the World in all 3 Dimensions
Not only does 3D learning and creating excite students, but in my classroom, I've seen substantial increase in attention and motivation when working with 3D images and video. Plus, studies are showing that students learn and retain more when learning in 3D, giving you a great reason to let your students be an authentic audience for 3D student created media projects.

Here are a couple ways to get started!

Using 3D Images:
The Florida Center for Instructional Technology has a fantastic collection of anaglyph images that can be used to create 3D documentaries on Florida culture, history, and the environment.

Creating your own 3D images:
Using emerging 3D technology from Lumens, the Ladibug 3D Document Camera, we are experimenting with creating our own 3D video and images. Here is an example from our very first project. Look for more updates, information, and samples throughout 2011!