amazing what these curious students can do when we put the right tools in their hands. And since spelling is not an obstacle to using Windows Movie Maker, it’s the perfect tool for our young learners to use all by themselves!

Some ideas?
by letter sound, animal type, shape, activities to do inside/outside, etc.
Student Example

Sequencing Events:
in a story, life cycle of frogs or butterflies, letters of the alphabet
Student Example: Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Analyzing Images:
Give criteria for choosing the images for their video. Ex: insects have 6 legs, 2 antenna, and 3 body sections. This makes a great higher order thinking activity!!
Student Example

These kids also LOVE making “Public Service Announcements” about Health, Fire Safety, Appropriate Lunchroom Behavior, etc.

How to make it easy for you and them?
  • The first (and second and maybe even third) time you make a movie with your youngest students, make it collaboratively (on an interactive whiteboard if possible). Model the steps and let them practice, reminding each other where to find things.
  • When they begin working independently, start with just titles and pictures, Then, adding transitions. Once they get the hang out it, let them record their own narration.
  • Use the storyboard mode, so that they can see each title, picture, and transition they’ve chosen.
  • Import a set of pictures into a collection for them. A great list of sites with images to use can be found here or you can use Creative Commons images from
  • Be very patient. They will learn and succeed at very different rates. Celebrate each small success with them and remind them how amazing it is that they are making their own movie!