Free Digital Storybook Apps!

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Enhanced with beautiful and diverse art for illustrations, gives students inspiration and a straightforward user interface for composing their next masterpiece.

Storybird has been a great resource for us, especially with our 4th graders in preparing for FCAT Writes. To create accounts for all of the students, first create a teacher/edu account and then you can add all of your students to your class without e-mail addresses.

external image 20110222-jdc3mqfb88f6nwhp97udacideg.jpgStorybirds can also be used to write collaboratively with another student - or even with a parent! Plus, the ability to comment on stories, helps create an authentic audience in the classroom.

Here is some extra info that is kind of buried in their blogs, but that I've found useful. The video tutorials will probably answer the majority of your questions....

Class Accounts Video Tutorials

Newest Updates to Class Accounts - As of Dec

One more that may be helpful to teachers:


Little Bird Tales

Cool digital storybook app allows kids to record voice along with photos/illustrations & writing.

Click here to see directions and information about creating class/teacher/student accounts.